Loquacious Placemat Official Homepage

The Loquacious Placemat Manifesto:

Loquacious Placemat is here to resuscitate
the lost traditions of the broadsheet, the
pamphlet, the scribble and the screed. The
central idea is to get writing off of the shelves,
out of the drawers and into the streets.

We want to give literary fiction the power
to ambush the public. We want our stories to
be read by as broad a range of people as
possible. If this means that it is read through a
haze of cigarette smoke, gets splashed with
coffee or stained with whiskey, then so much
the better!

Our words can live long, healthy and quiet
lives nestled away in the literary corners of the
internet; they deserve to be lovingly bound in
traditional journals and stored on the shelves
of connoisseurs and academics. They need,
however, to get out every once in a while. We
want to give the works published in Loquacious
Placemat the opportunity to get tattered
around the edges, folded in fourths and stuffed
in someone's back pocket.

Loquacious Placemat is here to put strange
words in front of those who would not
otherwise seek them out. Online, we will be a
concise and tidy journal. Out in the world, we
will be something not so easily defined;
something a little strange put out there with
the hopes that our strangeness will rub off on
the world