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The Loquacious Placemat Story

     Loquacious Placemat is a two-sided single sheet literary journal based in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. In addition to being available online, LP is freely distributed in coffeehouses, bars and restaurants throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.  The magazine also uses a simple legal-sized format to encourage readers to print out additional copies for distribution at their favorite watering holes and cultural hot-spots.
     Readers and contributors alike hail from all over the world with several award winning and previously unpublished authors appearing in this still young literary journal.
     First published in July 2009, Loquacious Placemat relaunched in January 2010 with a streamlined design and a renewed commitment to publishing the most interesting fiction, manifestos and poetry to come its way. Having recently abandoned the search for corporate sponsorship, Loquacious Placemat is dedicated exclusively to the expanding of readers' horizons and writers' audiences.
     This journal doesn't just turn up in the usual places, but seeks to make its way into the random corners of society where short fiction and poetry rarely dare to tread.  For an encapsulation of all that Loquacious Placemat stands for, take a look at the official manifesto.  To see all that they publish, look no further then the journal itself.